About Me

My Experience

I came to Tulsa, OK in 1982 from Damascus, Syria, where I worked as a school teacher, and have lived in Tulsa ever since. My first job was at Church’s Fried Chicken at 4th and Sheridan working 17 hours a week making $3.35 an hour. I was so happy when I advanced to 40 hours a week!

 Then I got my second job at Jamil’s steak house and I stayed at those two jobs for five years and did not have one single day off: five days a week at Church’s and seven days at Jamil’s where I worked as dishwasher, cook, busboy, host and a server. Then I opened my first business: Submariner Sandwich Shop at 61st and Lewis, where I stayed for eight years. It was very successful; then I sold it to build Batman’s Good Food and Convenience Store at Pine and Mingo. After five years at Batman’s, QuikTrip opened their largest location in Tulsa across the street, and my business went up 10%!  I am so proud of that operation and I can say it is the only convenience store in Tulsa that is doing excellent business competing with QuikTrip, (who do a fantastic job) and we’re still doing well more than 20 years later. I have earned my customers’ trust and support, and I’m so blessed. The people of Tulsa’s support of me and my business are so incredible.  Finally, I built and ran a successful used car business, tire shop, and automotive repair, Batman’s Auto, where I Worked until my (fateful) motorcycle accidemy. 

I met my wife, Wanda Adkins, while working at Church’s Fried Chicken and we’ve been married for 26 years. During all this time her support has been essential to my success. She  graduated from TU as a nurse in 1985 and has worked in Nursing since then. We have 3 boys, the oldest one is an Emergency Room physician,  The middle son is a businessman, and the youngest enrolled in TCC Honors. We are so very proud of them all. By the way, I came to America from the same town as Steve Jobs' biological father. 

I love Tulsa so much, and I want to help keep it a great place to live, for my children and grandchildren. I am not a politician but  I’m a straight shooter. I am a businessman and make my living from working hard; honesty and integrity have been guiding forces all of my life. I am a freedom lover because I have experienced dictatorship first hand. I’m not a quitter; I have no intention in getting into any higher government position.  If I am honored by getting elected for City Council, I promise honesty and integrity.  If  I’m not chosen, I will have respect for Tulsa’s vote.

I’m not running against any one,

I’m running for the people of Tulsa.

God Bless You all and

God Bless the USA!